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I live in Rayleigh with my husband and two boys.

Massage has helped my children with common problems like colic, growing pains, constipation, anxiety with school and sleep problems. They also become calmer and had improved concentration.

13 years ago I was trained by the NHS as a breastfeeding volunteer, I ran a successful group in Rayleigh, helped in the MB2 at southend hospital and frequently support the help line to date.

11 years ago I decided to train with 'International Association of Infant Massage' so i could teach parents to massage their babies.

I have always adored working with babies with additional needs so I decided to work part time as an LSA additionally in a special needs school in Benfleet with 3 -12 years old along side the teachers.
Im also trained to teach parents to massage their children up to 12 years of age including autism and other special needs.

To enhance my skills I trained in London to be a sleep consultant in 2015. 
In my 11 years experience I have worked with 1000's of babies including teaching twins; children with special needs; visual impaired, premature babies; tummy hernia; heart disease and teaching parents to massage their older child. 

My varied experiences have been a great benefit for me, as I am able to adapt each class and lessons to cater for any needs, however involved. The calming effects of massage can benefit the participant too. No matter how busy the rest of the week is, the teaching sessions can bring welcome, light relief to help recharge everyone's batteries.