Benefits of Massage
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Benefits of Massage





  • Time for the baby to be on their front which will automatically strengthens the baby's neck muscles, back and arms.
  • Researchers have shown positive results in greater weight gain, increase in levels of alertness in premature babies.
  • Help you understand your baby cues.
  • Developes your imagination with your children.
  • Improved behaviour and calmness.
  • Massage helps Internal organs relieve and prevent tension in the intestine - can help with Colic and trapped wind and constipation and tummy migraines.
  • Can improve sleep patterns day and night - I can offer you advice on a routine for you and your child.
  • Calmer moods as your child grows. I can offer strokes to help with growing pains within the joints in the older child, the massage strengthens and tones the legs.
  • Children become calmer and have improved concentration.
  • It helps children recognise 'good and bad touch'.
  • Show improved motor skills.
  • Develops respect and empathy, they will become more aware of feelings and emotions.
  • massage is fun.

In a world where parents seem to be constantly told how to bring up a child, infant massage can be a way of learning from your baby how best to care for them.