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Benefits of Massage



Massage how can it help my baby?

  • Helps you understand your baby's non verbal cues.
  • Enhance parent and baby communication.
  • Researchers have shown positive results in greater weight gain, increase in levels of alertness in premature babies.
  • Developes your imagination with your baby/children.
  • Improved behaviour and calmness.
  • Massage helps Internal organs relieve and prevent tension in the intestine - it can help with Colic and trapped wind, constipation and tummy migraines.
  • May help flatten that tummy hernia within 5 weeks.
  • Time for the baby to be on their front which will automatically strengthens the baby's neck muscles, back and arms.
  • Gentle Movements to stimulate your baby when they become restless. These exercises also help with the build up of mucus and strengthen the heart and lungs and can be done after a long car journey if baby has been in a car seat for a length of time.
  • Can improve sleep patterns day and night - I can offer you advice on a routine for you and your child.
  • Calmer moods as your child grows. I can offer strokes to help with growing pains within the joints of the older child, the massage strengthens and tones the legs.
  • Children become calmer and have improved concentration.
  • It helps children recognise 'good and bad touch'
  • Show you improved motor skills when massaging the hands.
  •  Develops respect and empathy, they will become more aware of feelings and emotions.

In a world where parents seem to be constantly told how to bring up a child, infant massage can be a way of learning from your baby how best to care for them. 

WelcomeProfileBenefits of MassageCourse Details and Testimonials