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Course Details



Now taking bookings throughout 2019.

Need a one off refresher session for your growing baby/child?

On my course you will learn a full body massage routine to enjoy with your new baby which we build up over the 5 weeks starting with the legs. The massage is to encourage general relaxation and sleep.

Each week you will practice Gentle Movements, these are stretching exercises to stimulate your baby when they are awake for longer periods during the day. These will also help with wind and constipation.

Learn extra massage moves for colic, trapped wind and constipation.

Included in the course you will learn how to adapt the full massage for the older child. Using story massage ideas to relax and to encourage their imagination. 


Classes are taught from my home in Rayleigh, package is £45.

You can have that more personal touch and include your nct friends, why not have the course weekly round your homes, this can be good fun and the most popular, package is £45 each parent. minimum 2 - 8 parents.

Are you a mum who would prefer a one to one with your baby/child in the comfort of your home? for that special bonding time, include your partner or another family member, package is £60 for 4 weeks. 

For an older child, the child does not need to be present and can be done within a group of mums.


From 2016 I had numerous requests from my existing mums to start teaching the older massage, so this 3 week course consists of a series of movements that are based on simple images that engage the child's natural abillities of imagination.
These movements are done over clothes starting with the head, arms and back, which should take around 15 minutes as a daily routine. I include stories each week for you both to enjoy too. 
Children learn at their own pace and there is no rush. Every child has the right to say no at any time.

This massage is a form of meditation - helping them to settle and to let go of any tension resulting in relaxation of the body.

Sessions can be taken in the comfort of your home as an after school activity.

For more information about the course please contact,
Hilfra on - 0790 3817 764 - hilfra@sky.com


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Photo's taken by Gemma England at www.eternalbabyphotography.co.uk